I am a back-end developer from Germany. Even after some years I am still fascinated with the endless possibility of things you can achieve with the few elemantary building blocks of any given programming language. I love solving complex problems while keeping the code easy-to-read and simple whenever possible.

My motto is "Life is too short to be in a bad mood."

On this website you can read some blog posts and get to know my old toy projects. You can also find a collection of bits and bytes of code I found useful.


I am currently working as a Go developer in Frankfurt. I am replacing old PhP monolithic applications with microservices shipped with Docker. Before I switched to Go I worked as a Node.js developer and I am still missing the amazing speed of development.
I try to stay in touch with what's going on the the frontend world but I am still waiting for this build-chain nightmare and Redux horror to go away before I will dive deeper again. I haven't really found a permanent home in OSS yet so feel free to contact me if you have suggestions where I could be useful.


Love it

Go, JavaScript, Node.js, Mocha & Chai, Docker, Mircoservices

Can do

SQL, TypeScript, MongoDB, REDIS, Cucumber


HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ruby, Rails, Sinatra


WorkerConf, Austria
28th June 2018, 25min talk, ca. 100 participants

"Node.js und Go - A tale of two worlds"

Slides on Slides.com

Andrena ObjektForum
12th June 2018, 60min talk, ca. 20 participants

"Node.js und Go - Eine Geschichte von zwei Welten"

FrontFest Moscow
18th November 2017, 30min talk, ca. 40 participants

"JavaScript and Node.js - Why the ugly duckling is conquering the world"

18th November 2017, 80min workhop, ca. 20 participants

"When things start getting serious - Building a production-ready Node.js backend"

"Techettes Frankfurt - Women in Tech" Meetup
16th March 2017, 1h talk, ca. 50 participants

"JavaScript and Node.js - Warum das häßliche Entlein die Welt erobert"
Slides on Speaker Deck

FrankfurtJS Meetup
5th April 2017, 30min talk, ca. 40 participants

"Test all the things - A test pyramide for Node.js Mircoservices"
Slides on Speaker Deck

EnterJS Darmstadt
21st June 2017, 45min talk, ca. 80 participants

"Test all the things - Eine Testpyramide für Node.js Mircoservices"